Sweden Buys 20 Additional CV90 Mortar Systems

Sweden and BAE Systems have signed a $30-million contract modification to supply additional CV90 Mjölner mortar systems for the Swedish Army.

Under the agreement, company segment HB Utveckling will deliver 20 Mjölners from its Hägglunds manufacturing facility in Örnsköldsvik in the country’s east.

Upon completion in 2025, the armed forces will increase its CV90 vehicle fleet by 80.

The contract follows a 2016 award for 40 CV90 mortar systems. The Swedish Army started receiving the deliveries in 2019, which were complete by 2020.

“This new contract modification for additional mortar vehicles ensures that soldiers will benefit from this critical capability in the near future,” BAE Systems Hägglunds Managing Director Tommy Gustafsson-Rask stated.

“We look forward to continuing to support the Swedish Army’s efforts to modernize and increase its combat power.”

New CV90 Variants

In 2022, BAE Systems introduced new CV90 variants that will be integrated into the Swedish Army.

The unveiling is part of a $90-million contract with Sweden focusing on CV90 combat vehicle upgrades.

The same year, Slovakia and the Czech Republic announced plans to buy CV90s from the company.

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