New German Military Helmets Pass Quality Inspection

Rheinmetall has completed formal qualification tests and quality inspections on the German Armed Forces’ new tactical headgear.

The approval follows the delivery of military clothing and equipment in early December to German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht to address higher military demand amidst the conflict in Eastern Europe.

Expanding Headgear Procurement

The assessment builds on a contract to supply 20,000 combat helmets for the German Armed Forces signed in November 2020. The same month, a tranche of 5,000 was delivered to the service.

According to Rheinmetall, the headgear was initially developed for German special operation units and the NATO Very High Joint Readiness Task Force, a response group dedicated to crisis scenarios in all members of the alliance.

In March 2022, the security situation in Ukraine required German forces to expand their order.

The follow-up order now totals 300,000 and will be delivered in batches between 2022 and 2025.

Around 34,000 helmets have been supplied to German troops since 2020. Before year’s-end, another tranche of 11,000 will be shipped.

Bolstering Combat Capability

Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics is in partnership with two other defense providers to complete the 200-million-euro ($213 million) contract.

“Providing improved protection and more comfortable to wear, the new combat helmets feature decibel-independent hearing protection and a night observation device,” a statement from Rheinmetall said.

“They will substantially enhance the combat effectiveness of German infantry forces.”

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