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Charities Donating Drone-Jamming Tech to Ukraine

Charity organizations are donating drone-jamming devices to Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion, according to US-funded media Radio Free Europe.

A Twitter video shows Kvertus Technology official Yaroslav Filimonov demonstrating how such a device is used to neutralize enemy reconnaissance drones.

Kvertus is a manufacturer of anti-drone systems and other equipment for law enforcement and military units.

Filimonov explained that the equipment does not directly damage the unmanned system, but interferes with a drone’s connection with its operators.

Once jammed, the drone falls to the ground, allowing Ukrainian soldiers to confiscate it and read the data it has collected.

“The main objective of our device is to save the lives of soldiers fighting,” Filimonov said, adding that the modern war now features drones tasked with firing artillery, dropping explosives, and supporting reconnaissance operations.

The names of the charity organizations donating the anti-drone devices to the Ukrainian military were not disclosed.


According to Kvertus, the ANTIDRON KVSG-3 is capable of suppressing the control and navigation channels of enemy drones attempting to enter a protected area.

It has a total output power of 50 watts and can hit low-flying objects up to one kilometer (0.6 miles) away.

The device weighs six kilograms (13.2 pounds) and has a maximum operating time of 40 minutes before the battery runs out.

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