Netherlands Procures IVECO Manticore Medium Tactical Vehicles

The Netherlands has selected local vehicle manufacturer IVECO to supply 1,185 Manticore medium tactical vehicles in several configurations to the Dutch military.

Dutch Secretary of State for Defence Christophe van der Maat announced the development on Twitter and said that the Ministry of Defence will hold a media day when the vehicles arrive.

Five variants of the Manticore vehicles are being procured, including two combat variants, a utility variant, an ambulance variant, and a military police variant.

The combat vehicles will reportedly be mounted with a remote weapon station and can carry up to four passengers.

The tactical vehicles will replace the Netherlands’ existing off-road vehicles under the Joint Replacement Programme of Wheeled Vehicles.

Delivery of the new infantry vehicles will begin in 2023, and they will receive a designation of 12Kn, reflecting their capability to carry payloads of approximately 1,200 kilograms (2,645 pounds).

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