Netherlands Orders New Military Suits for Troops

The Dutch government has awarded NFM Group segment Hexonia a contract to supply Defense Operational Clothing Systems (DOKS) for the armed forces.

The agreement will replace the existing equipment that warfighters wear in barracks, on deployments, and other military operations.

Each suit is designed with multi-layer fabric that is damage-resistant and convenient to clean.

It also has adjustment materials, including elastics and straps, to fit various personnel shapes and sizes.

In addition, the clothing offers an enhanced range of motion and comfort.

Amsterdam will start receiving the new DOKS suits in the spring of 2026.

Delay Resolved

The DOKS acquisition followed extensive research and quality tests to fulfill the clothing requirements of Dutch soldiers.

With the procurement initially expected earlier than 2023, the project incurred another delay due to concerns the government had about the suits under development.

“It took too long,” Netherlands Defence Secretary Christophe van der Maat stated. “But I am pleased that today we have been able to take an important step towards the award of the DOKS project.”

“Our soldiers deserve the best equipment to do their important work. This certainly also applies to the combat uniform.”

Modernizing Soldier Equipment

The Netherlands began receiving new military boots and helmets for its warfighters in 2022.

The boots are based on three brands and offer eight variants depending on user designation. Meanwhile, the helmets are offered in standard green camouflage, black for the Royal Military Police, yellow and white for complex battlefields, and blue for UN operations.

In 2021, the Dutch military started the distribution of tactical vests, backpacks, belts, ballistic plates, and cryptography-protected radio communications equipment for troops.

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