HENSOLDT and Thales to Equip German F126 Frigates With Sensor Suite

HENSOLDT has signed a contract that exceeds 100 million euros ($108 million) with Thales to deliver a TRS-4D naval radar for the German Navy’s multi-purpose F126 frigates.

Under the contract, HENSOLDT will deliver its non-rotating version of the radar with four fixed-panel arrays to Thales. Thales will then complete the integration of the radar on the frigates and on shore.

The TRS-4D radar has been selected as it has already been in use on different classes of German ships, including the Frigate F125 and the second batch of Corvette K130s.

HENSOLDT is expected to begin the delivery of the radar system in 2025. 

“Our TRS-4D and its high-end components are deployed onboard several German Navy ships offering a high degree of commonalities to the customer,” Markus Rothmaier, Vice President Naval & Ground Radars at HENSOLDT said in a statement

“I am proud that we are able to offer the German Navy, together with Thales’ sensor technology and combat system, a comprehensive and truly European solution,” he added.

About the F126 Frigate Program

The F126 frigate program was contracted in 2020 to provide four multi-purpose combat ships with an option to add two more ships. The new frigates will replace the German Brandenburg-class frigates. 

Construction will likely begin next year while the delivery of the first vessel is expected in 2028. The program is expected to run for over a decade and the remaining ships will be delivered by 2031. 

Capable of self-defense and combat missions, the F126 can also perform maritime surveillance, military evacuations, escort other vessels, and lead task forces at sea.

Besides being armed with a 127mm main gun and MK41 vertical launch system, it will also be equipped with medium and short-range anti-aircraft missiles, heavy machine guns, and light marine guns.


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