Spain to Equip Chinooks With Advanced Warfare Systems

The Spanish Ministry of Defence has awarded local technology firm Indra a $39.7 million contract to provide next-generation electronic warfare systems for the country’s fleet of Chinook CH-47F helicopters.

Indra explained that while the Chinook’s ability to fly at low altitude gives the military significant operational advantage, it exposes the aircraft to a level of risk that can only be countered with advanced technology.

The company said it is equipping the upgraded Spanish Chinooks with a state-of-the-art electronic defense suite, including the InWarner sensor and InShield directional infrared countermeasure system to enhance survivability.

Electronic Defense Suite

Featuring missile and laser alerts, the new InWarner sensor detects if a designator has acquired the helicopter as a target, enabling total situational awareness and increasing the effectiveness of countermeasures.

The company is also integrating its ALR-400FD radar alert to detect and identify the presence of enemy platforms and other modern threats at long range, including those with frequency hopping capabilities.

“Indra’s technology ensures the platform’s survivability and provides the Spanish Army with an increasingly important superiority over electromagnetic space in any mission,” Indra stated in a press release. “The Army’s ability to operate and deploy in a conflict zone depends on its dominance and the ability to prevent the adversary from gaining unrestricted access to it.”

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