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Rheinmetall Australia Introduces New Lynx Combat Support Vehicle

Rheinmetall has unveiled its new Lynx combat support vehicle (CSV), claiming that it provides “significant flexibility” to soldiers performing recovery, repair, maneuver support, and support logistics during operations in the field.

Introduced at a company event in Queensland, Australia, the Lynx CSV is based on a previous version of the Lynx infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). Australian engineers teamed up to develop the vehicle using locally manufactured steel and other materials.

According to Rheinmetall Managing Director Gary Stewart, the Lynx CSV is “the most sophisticated and capable” armored vehicle ever developed in Australia. He described it as a “workhorse” vehicle similar to the Australian “ute” utility vehicle.


The Lynx CSV has the additional onboard fuel capacity to support the refueling of other vehicles during military missions. It features a rooftop crane capable of pulling vehicles over five tons (4,535 kilograms).

The vehicle includes an interchangeable power pack and excavation equipment such as a clamshell bucket and a rock breaker and its modular remote weapon station can be configured with a variety of weapons and ammunition.

Stewart claimed that the combat support vehicle could be a “game-changer” for the army, enabling soldiers to be fully protected while completing challenging missions.

Introduced at a recent Rheinmetall event in Redbank, Queensland, the Lynx CSV received the “Made in Australia” certification from Australia Made Campaign Limited (AMCL).

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