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Turkey tests Russian S-400 air defense missile system

Turkey began testing its Russian air defense missile system, local media reported, despite repeated calls from the United States that it could lead to sanctions.

Planes, including F-16 fighter jets, circled the Murted military base in Ankara province to test the newly acquired S-400 system and train Turkish operators, news agency DHA reported on Monday, November 25.

Turkey’s acquisition of the S-400 in July was met with consternation by its NATO allies.

The U.S. argues there is a risk that sensitive technological information could be leaked if it is used alongside Western equipment such as the new F-35 jet.

Turkey has ordered 100 F-35s and its defense industry was part of the supply chain for the new jet, until it was kicked off the program due to the S-400 purchase.

So far, the Trump administration has appeared reluctant to impose threatened sanctions on Turkey over the purchase, with officials saying it could be spared if it does not activate the S-400 system – though this option has been rejected by Turkey.

Turkey in talks to buy more S-400 missile defense systems from Russia

With reporting from AFP

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