Netherlands Buys Seven More Mobile Radars From Thales

Thales has signed an agreement to supply seven additional Ground Master 200 Multi-Mission/Compact (GM200 MM/C) mobile radars to the Royal Netherlands Army.

The contract includes an option to add two more units to the order.

The deal follows nine GM200 MM/Cs ordered in 2019 and delivered in February, used by the Fire Support and the Ground-Based Air Defence Command for increased situational awareness.

The GM200 MM/C will be integrated into the army as its premier counter to indirect fire, protecting high-value capabilities and troops on the battlefield.

Thales Netherlands CEO Gerben Edeljin described the agreement as the company’s support for the safety and security of the Dutch military, as well as the air sovereignty of European NATO countries.

The GM200 MM/C

Thales’ GM200 MM/C is a highly mobile medium-range radar that can be easily transported and deployed quickly.

Aside from simultaneous weapon locating and counter battery, it can also be used for air surveillance and air defense.

Its cyber-resilient build allows it to work 24/7 even in GPS/EW-denied environments, connecting with NATO secret networks for real-time uninterrupted interoperability.

Other countries set to integrate the radar into their armed forces include Denmark, Norway, and Lithuania, with the latter having signed a 127-million euro ($139 million) contract to buy an undisclosed number of units to be delivered by 2026.

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