Lithuania to Upgrade Aerial Defenses With Thales Ground Master Radars

Lithuania has signed an agreement to acquire Thales Ground Master 200 Multi-Mission Compact (GM200 MM/C) radars.

The GM200 MM/Cs were ordered to fill Lithuania’s modern warfare needs with radars that can detect, track, and classify any and all future aerial threats.

It offers high tactical mobility and quick deployment for short- and very short-range air defense missions, utilizing weapon-locating and counter-battery fire tactics to neutralize its targets.

The contract, valued at around 127 million euros ($139 million), also covers a logistical support package that includes training, a primary spare parts package, instrument kits, and testing equipment.

The first of the radars are set to arrive in 2026.

Thales and NATO

Thales Netherlands CEO Gerben Edeljin stated that the agreement between the Netherlands and Lithuania underlines the company’s role in keeping peace in NATO countries.

“This Government-to-Government contract between the Netherlands and Lithuania illustrates the strong European defence cooperation. We are proud to be a part of this collaboration between NATO countries for which our GM200 MM/C will increase the safety and security of military personnel and high value assets,” he said.

Thales’ other roles with NATO’s peacekeeping efforts include demonstrating its mine countermeasures with the French Navy and supplying sensors and fire control systems for Belgian frigates.

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