BlueHalo Demos Backend Satellite Mission Services for US Space Force

Virginia defense contractor BlueHalo has showcased integrated backend satellite mission services for the US Space Force in Colorado Springs.

The demonstration supports the Satellite Communication Augmentation Resource (SCAR) program, which seeks a quick and efficient solution to coordinate tactical controls across space force satellites.

At the demo, the company deployed a mobile command center to support communications operations.

The Guardians also received orientations on the SCAR system interface and its corresponding backend mission processor and system scheduler.

BlueHalo noted that the interface solution is pairable with the company’s proprietary Badger ground-based phase array antenna, which uses digital controls to manage multi-beam and multi-orbit missions.

“Working hand-in-hand with our customers and partners, we’re proud to showcase our tremendous progress in delivering the capacity, flexibility, and sustainability for critical Space Force satellite command and control needs,” BlueHalo CEO Jonathan Moneymaker stated.

“We are excited to show Guardians, for the first time, the capability to easily identify satellite contacts and manage communication schedules using the new SCAR technology.”

“It was important to get this technology in front of the Guardians to collect valuable insight from those who will soon rely on this system for space operations moving forward. The input they’ve provided this week will shape our national capabilities for decades.”

The SCAR Program

BlueHalo received the contract to support the SCAR program in May 2022.

Valued at $1.4 billion, the project ordered full lifecycle development from initial design to full-rate production of a transportable antenna terminal fleet, associated software, and ground electronics.

In September 2023, the company validated the progress of the SCAR program through a sub-scale version of the full production system.

This event presented Badger digital beamforming technology to relay and process radio frequency signals at various ranges and across open-air transmission scenarios.

SCAR’s integrated backend mission services, including the system scheduler and backend mission processor, will pair with BlueHalo’s BADGER phased array antenna to provide multi-beam, multi-orbit mission operations.
Satellite Communication Augmentation Resource integrated backend mission services capability. Photo: BlueHalo

“Between the rapid proliferation of new space satellite constellations at a relentless rate and the criticality of the U.S. maintaining its strategic advantage as a Nation in space in the face of advancing adversaries, new technologies had to be brought to bear,” a statement from BlueHalo said during the contract award.

“This program creates 60 new engineering and manufacturing jobs and presents a unique opportunity for the customer, BlueHalo, and key suppliers to be co-located within the Albuquerque area.”

Following the latest demonstration in Colorado, BlueHalo will adopt its backed mission service approach into the Badger Engineering Development Unit in late 2024.

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