UK Buys Six H145 Helicopters for Training, Emergency Missions

The UK Ministry of Defence has signed a 122-million euro ($152 million) contract with Airbus to order six additional H145 helicopters.

The new aircraft will be used in the military’s emergency response missions in Cyprus and jungle warfare training in Brunei.

All six aircraft will replace the UK’s older Puma helicopters, which are being phased out.

Delivery of the H145s will begin in 2025. They will join the UK’s existing H135 and H145 fleet in the Defence Helicopter Flying School and be used by London’s in-training military pilots.

Updating UK’s Air Capabilities

Airbus is an active collaborator in the ministry’s modernization efforts. It is currently in the running for the New Medium Helicopter program.

The initiative seeks to equip the military with a medium-lift helicopter for combat and humanitarian missions in all environments.

In partnership with Boeing, Airbus is pitching the H175M as the ministry’s best choice for new capabilities.

The H175M is a military variant of the H175, a twin-engine utility helicopter that can reach a maximum speed of 150 knots (277 kilometers/172 miles per hour) and features an operational range of 600 nautical miles (690 miles/1,111 kilometers).

Other competitors for the program include Leonardo and Lockheed Martin.

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