Russian Navy plans over 500 military drills in 2018

Exercises include war games with China and India

Russia is planning more than 500 naval exercises next year, including joint drills with China and India, the Navy commander said on Friday.

“The plans include over 500 tactical drills of naval forces at sea,” Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Vladimir Korolyov said in an interview with the newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda, Tass reported.

Russia’s joint navy exercises

Drills planned for next year include joint war games with China and the Indra bilateral military exercise with India. The Russian Navy also plans to participate in the 2018 International Army Games. The 2017 event was held in Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China and Kazakhstan.

Russia and China began conducting bilateral naval drills in 2012, and held their first joint Baltic Sea exercise in July, prompting attention from Europe and NATO.

In October, Russia and China held naval exercises near Vladivostok near the Russia-North Korea border following a North Korean nuclear test and U.S.-South Korea bombing drills.

Russia and India have also been increasing military cooperation, including their army, navy, and air forces for the first time at this year’s Indra exercises.

Russian submarines

Korolyov said Russian naval forces would also be training on special programs for submarines currently under construction. On Thursday, the Navy’s deputy commander, Vice Admiral Viktor Bursuk said the fleet would begin getting fifth generation submarines by the 2030s.

Currently, Russia builds the Borei-class nuclear-powered ballistic submarine and the Yasen-class nuclear-powered attack submarine, the latest of which were both launched earlier this year.


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