Netherlands to Bolster NH90, Apache, Chinook Self-Protection Systems

The Netherlands announced plans to update the self-defense systems of its NH90, Apache, and Chinook helicopters in response to the effectiveness of Netherlands-donated air defense systems in Ukraine.

The announcement was made by state secretary Christophe van der Maat at the House of Representatives, highlighting the need to counter potential threats such as infrared and radar-guided missile systems and other guided anti-aircraft artillery.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate has also stated that local industrial participation could take place during the system acquisitions.

If possible, foreign companies will be required to place orders with Dutch manufacturers during the project.

The New Defense Systems

The Netherlands currently uses its NH90 as a maritime attack and amphibious transport helicopter.

To help its troops defend themselves, the defense ministry is planning to purchase a separate modular military software system to serve as a self-protection capability.

For the Royal Netherlands Air Force’s Apache helicopters, which serve as support units in rural and urban missions, US-based jamming lasers that can deceive infrared-guided missiles will be implemented.

As for the Chinook, the ministry will seek to upgrade its features to protect it against various guided missiles with infrared search heads.

All of the equipment to be purchased is expected to match that of its international partners.

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