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Brunei Orders Six H145M Helicopters From Airbus

Brunei has signed a contract with Airbus to acquire six H145M helicopters to support the Royal Brunei Air Force’s expanded missions.

The choppers will bolster the air force’s support and observation capabilities, taking over the role of the aging Bo-105 fleet, in service for 41 years until its retirement in 2022.

Airbus CEO Bruno Even shared in a statement that the helicopters’ high performance and versatility will help Brunei’s operational readiness.

The acquisition comes after the air force added two Airbus C295MW planes in February.

The Airbus H145M

The H145M is a military variant of the H145, designed for training, logistics, medical evacuation, reconnaissance, light attack, and transport missions.

Its twin turboshaft engines allow it to reach a cruise speed of 152 miles (246 kilometers) per hour, with a range of up to 420 miles (680 kilometers).

It can be fitted with retractable 7.62 mm FN MAG machine guns or M134 miniguns, infrared sensors, and an electronic warfare self-protection system. The H145M variant can also be integrated with anti-armor weapons by adding SPIKE ER2 missiles to its armaments.

Its 15 military operators include Albania, Thailand, and the UK, which also ordered six in April to be used in jungle warfare training in Brunei.

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