Aselsan Delivers ALP-300G Early Warning Radar to Turkey

Aselsan has delivered the ALP-300G Portable Early Warning Radar System to the Turkish Armed Forces at the company’s Gölbaşı facility in Ankara.

The country’s longest-range radar, its acquisition is part of Turkey’s effort to develop new military equipment focused on aerial reconnaissance, border surveillance, air defense, search and rescue, fire control, tracking, and weapon detection.

Turkish Defence Industries Secretary Haluk Görgün said that the ALP-300G surpasses other major radar systems worldwide, including those utilized in Italy, France, and the US.

“The ALP 300-G we delivered today surpasses all of these in terms of resolution, range and accuracy,” Görgün stated.

Originally called the ERALP Early Warning Radar System, its development was first announced in 2022 at an Aselsan radar workshop featuring advancements in electronic warfare and radar system projects.

Aselsan’s Newest Radar System

The ALP-300G can handle nearly 500 separate communications and process the equivalent of 81 DVDs per second.

The system can be assembled on an 8×8 tactical wheeled platform, set up in as fast as 30 minutes, and connect via a radio link.

It is equipped with over 4,000 transmit-receive modules, allowing it to communicate continuously even if a module fails.

Although its specifications have not yet been fully revealed, Aselsan categorizes it as their most advanced ALP radar system to date.

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