Netherlands to Receive Apache Helicopter Simulators

The US Army has awarded Florida-based simulator company Applied Visual Technology Inc. (AVT) a contract to deliver AH-64E Apache helicopter trainers to the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

The $28.3-million foreign military sale will supply two of the firm’s proprietary Targeted Fidelity Apache Tactical Trainer (TFATT) platforms that each incorporate a pilot seat, a widescreen display unit, controls, and a cockpit for immersive rotorcraft preparations.

The TFATTs offer different configurations to upskill personnel in individual and team flights and combat operations.

Alongside the simulators, the company will provide a tactical control center and an associated network simulation environment.

Work for the contract will be conducted at the company’s facility in Orlando and Kooiweg, the Netherlands.

AVT is scheduled to complete the project by September 2026.

Targeted Fidelity Apache Tactical Trainer (TFATT)
Targeted Fidelity Apache Tactical Trainer (TFATT). Photo: Applied Visual Technology Inc.

Upgrading the Dutch Apache Fleet

The contract follows a 2018 effort to upgrade the Dutch Armed Forces’ Apache attack helicopters.

Valued at $1.19 billion, the deal covered parts and services to modernize 28 AH-64Ds to the more advanced AH-64E configuration.

Amsterdam received its first AH-64E in October 2022. The US delivered two additional Apaches in January 2024.

Delivery of the upgraded fleet will conclude in 2025.

“This … sale will support the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States by improving the security of a NATO ally,” the US State Department said during the 2018 contract approval.

“It is vital to US national interests to assist the Netherlands to develop and maintain a strong and ready self-defense capability.”

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