Arquus to Supply 70 New-Gen Tanker Trucks to French Military

Arquus has clinched a 120-million-euro ($130 million) contract to develop and deliver new-generation military tanker trucks for the French military.

The firm will partner with Renault Trucks, tank container manufacturer Magyar, and fire protection company Desautel for the contract.

Delivery Expected by 2029

Seventy trucks are expected to be delivered to the French Army, Air and Space Force, and Operational Energy Service by 2029, according to Ouest France.

The procurement is part of the 2024-2030 Military Programming Law, seeking to modernize French military logistics.

The tankers are expected to feature better fuel-carrying capacity and crew protection. 

Two Tanker Versions

Two versions of the 8×8 all-terrain tanker will be produced: mass transport and multipurpose.

The mass transport version will feature a tank size of 20 m3 and a single supply line while the multipurpose model will have a tank size of 12 m3 with four supply lines.

“These CCNGs (camions-citernes de nouvelle génération) will gradually replace the CBH385, TRM 10000 ACH [tank-helicopter refueling] and CCP10 tankers,” Opex 360 wrote, quoting the French Directorate General of Armaments.

“They will comply with regulations regarding the transport of dangerous materials. They will also offer greater fuel carrying capacity and a better level of protection for crews against battlefield threats.”

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