Rheinmetall Receives Biggest-Ever Military Logistic Vehicle Contract

The German military has awarded Rheinmetall a 3.5-billion euro ($3.77 billion) framework contract to deliver up to 6,500 military trucks.

Rheinmetall’s largest-ever logistic vehicle contract from the Bundeswehr was signed on Monday after being approved by the German Parliament’s Budget Committee on June 24.

The approval is in addition to the authorized procurement of over 3,000 Brimstone air-to-ground missiles and over 5,000 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

Flexible Procurement

The framework contract allows the flexible procurement of military logistic vehicles through seven years, including the operational UTF 5t and UTF 15t all terrain trucks.

Additionally, a new vehicle category will be introduced through the framework contract: the 4×4 UTF 3.5t.

“The framework-contract is an essential contribution to a fast fulfillment of demand by the logistic forces of the Bundeswehr,” chairman of the management of Rheinmetall Military Vehicles Michael Wittlinger stated.

“The standardized vehicle family and the uniformity with vehicles of other beneficiary nations establish the HX vehicles as the main logistic vehicles within NATO and set a standard for interoperability and logistic efficiency within the Alliance.”

Initial Deliveries

An initial batch of 610 vehicles will be delivered soon, of which 250 trucks are to be delivered this year, the company stated.

Rheinmetall will book the order in the third quarter of fiscal year 2024, with financing through a special military fund.

6,000 Trucks in 2024

The first order for the unprotected UTF 5t (ton) and UTF 15t trucks was placed in 2017, with over 6,000 HX vehicles expected to be delivered to the German military by the end of 2024.

It includes the swap-body loader systems (Wechselladersystem or WLS) and 70t tractors.

Both the UTF and the WLS vehicles are part of the HX family of Rheinmetall MAN military vehicles. 

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