Swedish Automotive Firm to Deliver 265 Vehicles to Estonia

Swedish transport company Scania has signed a deal to deliver 265 vehicles for the Estonian Defence Forces beginning this summer.

Signed by the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments, the agreement is estimated to be worth 50 million euros ($54 million).

The deliveries will include vehicles for cargo and defense equipment transportation, such as tractors, platform trucks, and trucks fitted with cranes and hook lifts.

The tender is part of a framework agreement between Estonia and Latvia to supply the countries with defense vehicles over the next seven years.

Estonia and Latvia’s Agreement

Under the contract between the two Baltic neighbors, up to 3,000 vehicles from three companies will be distributed across their defense forces, police, and border forces.

Aside from logistical support, the agreement will provide spare parts and maintenance.

Scania will be joined by Volvo in delivering vehicles heavier than five tons, with Veho transporting lighter models.

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