Royal Navy Selects SEA for Sonar Software Development

The Royal Navy has tapped Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA) to create software that improves its warships’ sonar systems.

SEA’s upcoming solution will significantly enhance the navy’s detection and tracking capability, automatically determining the best deployment depth of active sonar projectors and receiving arrays based on their underwater environment.

The development is part of the defense ministry’s Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Spearhead program, which aims to equip the command with new systems to improve operational effectiveness underwater.

SEA Research and Simulation Head Ian Cox said the agreement underscores the company’s commitment to research and development studies in underwater tracking.

“It shows SEA’s dedication to supporting the enhancement of the Royal Navy’s ASW capability. We are proud to be pushing the boundaries of technological innovation within naval defence,” he added.

The application is scheduled to undergo trials later this year.

Advancing the Force’s Technologies

Aside from promoting new technologies in the military’s sonar and oceanography fields, ASW Spearhead pushes for advancements in aviation, autonomy, and artificial intelligence.

One of the program’s biggest projects is CHARYBDIS, an initiative exploring new robotics and machine learning solutions for the defense ministry’s missions.

In 2022, the UK began a market exploration of innovative solutions for uncrewed anti-submarine warfare capabilities, including storage, data collection, processing, maintenance and sustainment, simulations, and training.

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