Ukraine Already Inducted 480 New Weapons in First Half of 2024: Report

The Ukrainian Armed Forces has already inducted 480 new weapons and assorted military equipment in the first six months of 2024.

The Ministry of Defense said about 60 percent of them were produced by local manufacturers.

A majority of the new weapons recently authorized for operation are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for attack and reconnaissance missions.

Kyiv has also inducted various types of ammunition, communication facilities, electronic warfare systems, and demining tools.

Despite the high number of new weapons being adopted, the ministry said efforts are still ongoing to introduce more strategic military assets.

Increased Production

The induction of new weapons is a result of the defense industry’s commitment to boosting production amid the ongoing war.

It may also be partly because many companies are interested in testing the capabilities of their weapons in actual combat.

“The fact that many in the world are interested in the experience of using the weapons and equipment we produce speaks for itself,” said Ivan Havryliuk, the country’s first deputy minister of defense.

In 2023, the Ukrainian Armed Forces only adopted 200 new models of weapons for use against Russia.

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