UK Begins Market Exploration for Future Anti-Submarine Warfare Capabilities

The UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) has begun market exploration of innovative solutions for uncrewed anti-submarine warfare capabilities.

The initiative is part of the UK Ministry of Defence Project CHARYBDIS under the Royal Navy’s Spearhead Program.

Under the effort, DASA experts will identify, prototype, evaluate, and provide systems to classify, track, and report underwater vessels and submarines.

“As part of this, Project CHARYBDIS seeks to leverage advances in autonomy, robotics and machine learning to explore new solutions beyond the current mixture of fixed infrastructure, short-term sonobuoys and high-value crewed platforms,” a statement from DASA said.

Seeking Market and Potential Developments

Solutions to be obtained from the initiative include sensors, communication platforms, launch and recovery options, software, propulsion, power sources, and navigation.

It also includes storage, data collection, processing, maintenance and sustainment, simulations, and training.

According to DASA, interested teams can submit proposals for the Project CHARYBDIS market exploration until January 20, 2023.

“We are seeking submissions from across the Technology Readiness Level spectrum,” the agency said.

“The aim of this is to build a better understanding of current market capability and potential developments to inform decisions on how best to go ahead and deliver Project CHARYBDIS.”

“For instance, this technology engagement could inform the opportunities for disruptive future capability, the required level of modularity for future systems, and choice of interfaces.”

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