Czech Republic Sends Last Two Mi-24 Helicopters to Ukraine

The Czech Republic has transferred its last two Mi-24 attack helicopters to Ukraine.

The gunships bring the total of Prague’s Mi-24 donations to eight.

A retirement ceremony was held for the aircraft last year following the second tranche of transfers to Kyiv, where two more were handed over. The first four helicopters were delivered in 2022.

Ukraine’s Mi-24 fleet is currently being used for transportation and missile launch missions, equipped with unguided Zuni rockets.

Ongoing Support for Ukraine

Since the start of the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Czech Republic has handed over 6 billion koruny ($260 million) in military aid to Ukraine.

Tanks, firearms, and infantry vehicles make up most of the donations.

Czechia also recently proposed a delivery of 800,000 artillery rounds to help combat Russia’s forces, reported to be outshelling Ukraine’s troops five-to-one.

It has teamed up with partner countries to continue providing aid in the ongoing conflict, securing financial compensation and signing joint procurement deals to replenish and rearm as demand for military capabilities continues.

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