Nexter’s Ammo Output to Increase Eightfold Following EU Grant

French defense manufacturer Nexter is set to increase its artillery ammunition production by eightfold following a 41-million euro ($45 million) grant from the European Commission.

The assistance will allow Nexter to collaborate with Norwegian and Lithuanian companies Nammo and VAK to significantly increase its power-pulse powder production.

Nexter estimates that the investment will boost its 155mm ammunition production from the current 50,000 to 400,000 in three years.

The Commission’s grant is a part of the Act in Support of Ammunition Production (ASAP) initiative, an EU program that aims to counter artillery stock depletion across Europe.

The ASAP Initiative

Conceptualized in 2023 as a direct response to Ukraine’s ongoing need for military support, the ASAP initiative strengthens the EU’s responsiveness to supplying ammunition and missiles in Europe.

It reinforces supply chains through various funding, increasing production capacities while also tackling identified bottlenecks.

So far, the program has identified 500 million euros ($545 million) in projects to support, including assistance in increasing explosive, shell, and missile supplies, as well as testing and reconditioning certifications for capabilities and facilities.

In January, the EU co-financed Sweden’s deal with Nammo to increase its artillery ammunition through the program. The contract’s final version is set to be drafted after the alliance allocates the funds for the first quarter of 2024.

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