Sweden Taps Nammo for 155mm Ammo Production Boost

Sweden has signed a deal with ammunition company Nammo to boost artillery ammunition production in the country.

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) said the agreement will focus on enhancing the security of 155mm artillery ammunition supply chains.

This supports the EU’s Act in Support of Ammunition Production initiative to ramp up the production of ammo and missiles in the union to bolster its defense capabilities.

Co-financed by Stockholm and the EU, the final version of the contract will be drafted when the union allocates funds for the first quarter of 2024.

The agreement is part of Sweden’s continued support for Ukraine amid the Russo-Ukrainian war. Other Nordic countries, such as Norway and Denmark, have also sent artillery rounds to assist the country against the invasion.

Sweden-Nammo Partnership

Sweden established Nammo as a trusted arms supplier.

In 2022, the company signed a seven-year contract with the FMV to produce different kinds of 12.7mm ammo from its Spain and Norway production lines.

The 120-million kroner ($11.6 million) deal cemented Nammo as Sweden’s sole ammunition supplier until 2029.

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