Rheinmetall to Supply European Customer With More Air Defense Systems

A European customer has tapped Rheinmetall to supply them with Skynex air defense systems.

The deal, valued in the “lower three-digit million euro” range, will see the arms giant deliver the modular capabilities by 2025.

The contract also details the delivery of HX trucks, which will be mounted with cannons, control units, and radar.

The name of Rheinmetall’s client has not yet been revealed.

The order comes amid recent Skynex-based upgrades by countries in the region, including a 532-million-euro ($572 million) deal with Germany to modernize its air defense capabilities.

Skynex Defense System

Designed as a flexible, expandable short-range air defense (SHORAD) system, Skynex is composed of a network of Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3 cannons, a CN-1 control node, and an X-TAR3D tactical radar.

Its modular design allows it to be equipped with various Skyguard and Skyshield fire units, as well as other legacy systems like twin cannons and high-energy lasers.

It utilizes its SHORAD capabilities to neutralize aircraft and missiles, as well as rockets, artillery, and mortar rounds before they hit ground targets.

Additionally, its 35mm Ahead ammunition features a non-influenceable and non-jammable design immune to electronic countermeasures.

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