Elbit Subsidiary to Supply Hostile Fire Detection Systems to US Army

The US Army has awarded Elbit Systems segment Logos Technologies a $19.4-million contract  to deliver, sustain, and operate Serenity hostile fire detection systems.

Serenity uses acoustic and electro-optical sensors to locate heavy weapons and explosive detonations fired up to 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) away in any direction.

The standalone equipment is mountable on aerostats and towers and can be integrated with additional wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) to maintain real-time surveillance over a 200-square-kilometer (77 square mile) area.

Upon detection, Serenity alerts a response force to react and neutralize threats. Logos said that the system relays fewer false positives compared to standard single-sensor hostile fire detection technology.

“This way, Serenity can cue the WAMI system to a particular area of interest-say, the location of an enemy mortar team-and then the WAMI system can track their movement across the battlefield, as well as ‘go back in time’ and discover their initial staging area,” Logos Technologies Business Development VP Doug Rombough stated.

Other Serenity Projects

The Fairfax company wrote that alongside the US Army, other military partners have recognized the utility of acquiring Serenity as their hostile fire protection capability.

“Given the ongoing success of Serenity in the field with US forces, there’s interest in having a rapidly deployable version that can be used by international forces,” Rombough said.

Meanwhile, the US Department of Defense’s Army Research Laboratory is conducting research to transform Serenity into a more compact solution and deploy it with a gyrocopter to utilize a surrogate unmanned aircraft system for future applications.

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