US Army Grants Javelin, Stinger, GMLR System Supply Contract

The US Army Applications Laboratory has signed a deal with defense manufacturer Firehawk Aerospace to address critical challenges in rocket propulsion production.

Under the Small Business Innovation Research Phase III contract, Firehawk will design, test, and fly motors for the army’s Guided Multiple Launch Rocket, FGM-148 Javelin, and FIM-92 Stinger, eliminating supply chain bottlenecks and enhancing stability.

Firehawk CEO Will Edwards said the agreement underlines the company’s ability to mitigate logistical issues by cutting the rocket manufacturing timeline from years to weeks.

“The Phase III funding reflects our team’s ability to push aerospace technology boundaries, positioning Firehawk at the forefront of innovation in tactical weapon systems,” he added.

The hybrid rocket engines will be manufactured at Firehawk’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Hybrid Solutions

Firehawk’s development of hybrid rocket propulsion technologies has made a large impact on the defense industry. In 2022, Raytheon announced an investment in the company to collaborate on “next-generation missile solutions.

Its rocket engines are utilized by a wide range of aerial systems, including manned spacecraft, satellite launchers, and lunar transport equipment.

Aside from being 90% more affordable than most traditional rockets, the company’s propulsion systems are fitted with fuel grains designed to eliminate risks of accidental detonations and explosions.

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