Raytheon, Firehawk to Collaborate on Hybrid Rocket Propulsion Tech

Raytheon Missiles & Defense has invested in Firehawk Aerospace to collaborate on research and development of future hybrid rocket propulsion technologies.

Raytheon didn’t reveal the size of the investment, but its President Wes Kremer said that the technology is “critical to developing next-generation missile solutions.”

“Over the next several years, our companies will work together to identify projects that evolve Firehawk’s technology for use in defense applications,” he added.

Firehawk’s Hybrid Rocket Engines

Firehawk Aerospace, a company specializing in manufacturing low-cost, high-performance rocket engines, is capable of designing propulsion systems for manned spacecraft, satellite launchers, lunar transports systems, and small defense purposes.

It manufactures custom-made rocket engines that use “hybrid” propulsion systems rather than conventional ones.

A hybrid rocket engine can use both solid and liquid propellants. It’s capable of providing security against accidental detonation, while its cost is roughly 20 percent of the price of a competitive engine.

The hybrid engine consists of only 20 components, which enhances its safety, improves performance, and mitigates risks during warfare.

The Florida-based company has more than five US patents for the technology and its manufacturing methods. 

In November 2020, Firehawk closed a $2 million seed funding round, led by Victorum Capital Club and two other companies, to develop the company’s advanced rocket propulsion systems.


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