Vegvisir’s First Sale Sends Situational Awareness Solution to Ukraine

Ukrainian military vehicles could soon be outfitted with the Vegvisir situational awareness system as the Estonian-Croatian defense industry startup announced the closure of its first sales contract.

In collaboration with the Estonian surveillance system provider DefSecIntel, the mixed reality-based system will be used to enhance the vehicle crews’ situational awareness in Ukraine.

Deployment of the Vegvisir Core will take place in spring 2024, providing “significant” battlefield advantages for mounted troops, the startup said.

Vegvisir CEO Ingvar Parnamae said “it took us nearly three years of planning, fundraising, research, development, relentless testing, and negotiations with manufacturers to reach the first contract.” However, no contract details were disclosed.

New investors are continuing to be added to improve the system’s functionality, he stated.

Vegvisir Core situational awareness system
Vegvisir Core situational awareness system. Image: Vegvisir

Vegvisir Core

The Vegvisir Core system comprises vehicle-mounted cameras, an immersive ultra-low latency headset, and data overlay capability providing a 360-degree view of the surrounding environment.

It connects the vehicle crew with a digital hub, allowing seamless interaction and access to digital information.

Heightened awareness enables soldiers to make better decisions in complex battlefield situations.

Vegvisir is compatible with a range of military vehicles such as infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, combat support platforms, and main battle tanks.

It can also be mounted on marine platforms.

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