Extended Range HIMARS Munition Moves Closer to Fielding

Lockheed Martin wrapped up the final phase of development trials of the extended-range Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (ER GMLRS), moving it closer to fielding.

The alternative and unitary warhead variants of the rocket were tested during the systems qualification tests, clocking ranges from short and medium to maximum.

Each test confirmed its integration with the HIMARS launcher, range, trajectory, and accuracy.

Apart from the HIMARS, it is deployable with the MLRS M270 family of launchers.

Twice Range of GMLRS

The ER GMLRS is considered to have twice the range of its predecessor: from more than 70 kilometers (43 miles) to 150 kilometers (93 miles), while retaining the precision and reliability.

“Prior to launch, the rocket pods underwent Stockpile to Target Sequence (STS) testing,” Lockheed explained.

“The effort simulates cumulative effects ER GMLRS will meet in the field between factory and launch for the life of the system and demonstrates durability of the missile and launch pod container.”

Following the qualification trials, the variant will go through operational tests with the US Army.

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