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US, Allied Nations Meet to Discuss Space Security

Representatives from 10 Western and allied countries took part in an annual event in Berlin to discuss emerging threats in space security.

The annual Combined Space Operations (CSpO) Initiative Principals Board was attended by representatives of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, the UK, and the US. Ambassadors from CSpO’s newest members, Italy, Japan, and Norway, were also in attendance.

US Space Force General Chance Saltzman explained that the board’s collaboration underlines the importance of maintaining peace in the space domain in an era of rapidly advancing technologies.

“Our partnerships are strengthened through CSpO, and this coalition of like-minded nations enhances our ability to address the complex challenges we collectively face,” he said.

CSpO’s mission is to “generate and improve cooperation, coordination and interoperability to sustain freedom of action in space, optimize resources, enhance mission assurance and resilience, and deter conflict.”

Welcoming New Key Figures

The CSpO’s addition of three new countries to the initiative comes amid the nations’ growing space programs, including utilization of the International Space Station as a platform for multilateral cooperation.

The countries’ ambassadors discussed opportunities to further advance information sharing in the space domain.

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