Poland to Launch First Military Satellites in 2025

Poland has announced plans to launch its first military observation satellites in 2025 to bolster its national security amid heightened tensions in the region.

Polish Deputy Defense Minister Cezary Tomczyk said during a recent press briefing that the satellite would employ both foreign and domestic components to meet the requirements of the Polish military.

More specifically, the space asset will feature cutting-edge radar and optical technologies to enable seamless Earth observation regardless of atmospheric conditions.

In January 2023, Warsaw contracted Airbus to deliver two military reconnaissance satellites, which are planned to be launched in 2027.

It remains unclear if the Polish government made a separate acquisition or if the launch of the two Airbus satellites was moved to an earlier date.

Defense Spending Hike

Plans to put military satellites into orbit next year come as Poland continues to bolster its defense capabilities.

The country has increased its defense budget to more than 4 percent of gross domestic product, much higher than the 2 percent required by NATO.

Last week, Warsaw signed a $2.5-billion deal with the US for an integrated battle command system, which will serve as the “operational brain” for its air and missile defense systems.

It also awarded a $13.7-billion contract to South Korea for the purchase of 48 light combat aircraft.

Apart from embarking on key acquisitions, the Polish defense ministry said the country would create a drone force and space force later this year based on the lessons learned from the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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