Babcock’s Tech to Help UK Soldiers Learn Friend or Foe Systems

The British Army has awarded Babcock a contract to supply a digital learning solution that will aid warfighters in identifying allied and enemy systems.

The Virtual Recognition Trainer package incorporates a list of various armored vehicles, rotorcraft, weapon ranges, and critical insights consolidated through Babcock’s threat training support experiences for the army’s Land Warfare Centre.

A prototype of the solution was initially made for the Combined Arms Maneuver School, while the final package was integrated with the UK military’s Defence Learning Environment web-based application, now accessible through PC and mobile devices.

Babcock said that the Virtual Recognition Trainer will be made available for approximately 100,000 users in the British Army.

It will include a self-evaluation feature that can be modified depending on specific user groups.

Other recognition data such as vulnerable target area highlighting and thermal view functions can be added to the package as per the contract.

The company noted that the e-learning suite collects data to optimize product improvement and relay information on passing rates, usage, and individual progress to customers.

“This package supports a vital defence requirement for the Army to be able to recognise and identify key threat and friendly vehicles and helicopters, to know the capabilities of those platforms and in doing so understand the threat posed by each, as well as what the presence of the platform signifies,” Babcock Training Managing Director Jo Rayson explained.

“The package provides photographs and information… as well as a super-realistic 3D 360⁰ model that enables the user to view the platform from any angle and distance. This is particularly useful as battlefield identification is often based on a view from a drone.”

Virtual Recognition Trainer
Virtual Recognition Trainer. Photo: Babcock

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