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Auterion Unveils Drone Tech That Can Bypass Enemy Jamming

US-Swiss firm Auterion has introduced a new drone technology that can bypass electronic warfare countermeasures.

Called the “Skynode S,” the solution enables unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to continue operating even when GPS is degraded, jammed, or otherwise unavailable.

This resistance to interference can allow drones to still reach and destroy their targets up to 90 percent of the time, according to the developer.

“The whole terminal guidance is all fully automated and can’t be jammed, doesn’t rely on GPS, and also works on moving targets,” Auterion chief executive Lorenz Meier told Breaking Defense.

The Skynode S can be linked to jamming-resistant GPS antennas, electromagnetic sensors, and computer vision algorithms to achieve maximum effect.



Despite only being introduced last week, the Skynode S has already been tested in combat in Ukraine.

It is said to have enabled Ukrainian drones to navigate without satellite guidance, given the persistent Russian jamming on the battlefield.

“The software has already proven itself in combat missions in Ukraine, providing Ukrainian forces with advanced computer vision to counter and bypass the loss of GPS functions and radio frequency targeting in electronic warfare,” the company stated.

Meier claimed that the Skynode S is transforming the battlefield by allowing Kyiv to use smarter drones on an increasingly massive scale to repel its aggressor.

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