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Global Foxcom to Supply Military-Grade Repeater Solution to US Navy

Communications developer Global Foxcom has secured a contract to provide the US Navy with a military-grade Iridium/GPS Repeater product.

The technology is used to relay satellite and GPS data to locations with weak signal transmission, such as below deck and underground facilities.

With its frequency properties, the device can boost communication capabilities in indoor military sites and sustain operability without line-of-sight to the satellites in orbit.

“The Iridium/GPS Repeater System is an important addition to our solution portfolio, enabling us to extend satellite coverage to facilities on land and sea, where it helps optimize our response readiness and the security of our staff and assets,” US Navy Project Engineer Frank Montgomery said.

The Jerusalem-based company noted that its proprietary repeater was placed under “rigorous testing and verification” to ensure the solution’s performance.

“Working with the US Navy and several other military clients helped us optimize a product platform that is fit for multiple deployment scenarios,” Global Foxcom Managing Director Yaakov ben-Harosh explained.

“But it’s not just about the product, no two military use-cases are identical, so our planning and modelling services are an integral part of the overall solution.”

Communication Projects in US Military

The US signed a contract with Comtech in October to provide satellite communication modems for the army.

This project aims to improve the service’s digitization and modernization programs related to orbital satellites.

In June, the US Air Force partnered with Viasat to establish a space-based connectivity solution between the US military’s communication assets in space and commercial geostationary satellites supporting defense operations.

Last February, the Defense Innovation Unit awarded Luman Technologies a contract to revamp the US Department of Defense’s hybrid cloud voice and audio conferencing modems.

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