Rheinmetall to Supply Trailblazer Cameras for British Warrior IFV Fleet

Rheinmetall has received a contract to deliver its Trailblazer driver vision systems for the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) Warrior infantry fighting vehicle fleet.

The technology will be integrated into 359 Warriors to aid drivers in maintaining operability across different terrains.

The camera will also be used to recognize other personnel on the field through to the rear of the vehicle.

Work for the contract is expected to be completed within one year.

Rheinmetall’s Trailblazer is employed for bright and low light in all weather conditions. It combines wide, driving, and situational awareness modes for a flexible perspective on the battlefield.

Depending on user requirements, the equipment can be configured in a single or dual-camera setup for enhanced forward and reverse mobility.

Trailblazer driver's view system
Trailblazer driver’s view system. Photo: Rheinmetall

Supporting UK Boxer Fleet

Rheinmetall previously supplied Trailblazers for the British military’s Boxer mechanized infantry fleet, where they were leveraged as part of the vehicle’s local situational awareness capability.

For this project, the company modified the cameras into infrared detectors with 90-degree coverage to provide drivers with a complete field of view along the Boxer’s sides.

“Our solution to the Warrior [Rear Safety Camera System] requirement was founded on the mature design we provide into the Boxer [Mechanized Infantry Vehicle] programme ensuring effective and safe rearward operations,” Rheinmetall Electronics UK Sales Head Wayne Cranwell stated.

“Great to see that [Defence Equipment & Support] identified our proposal as the best value offer in this competition – this will keep this important British Army capability current for the remainder of its in-service lifetime.”

Rheinmetall's Boxer CRV
Rheinmetall’s Boxer CRV

Third-Gen Cameras in Challenger Tanks

In addition to the Warrior and Boxer fleets, Rheinmetall currently provides the vision system for the UK’s Challenger 3 main battle tanks.

Signed in July 2022, the effort sought the Trailblazer’s Third Generation variants that are fully software-defined and generic vehicle architecture compatible.

“The Trailblazer Gen 3 solution was specifically developed to meet the demanding requirements of the UK Army and it will be great to see this system now also supporting the safety needs of the Warrior platform,”  Rheinmetall Electronics UK Managing Director Richard Streeter said.

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