Embraer, Rheinmetall to Expand C-390 Airlift Training in Europe

Embraer and Rheinmetall have partnered to expand training for C-390 Millennium military transport aircraft customers in Europe.

The project will evaluate the preparation requirements of the growing number of European C-390 users and decide on the construction of a dedicated training hub in the region.

Services to be offered at the facility will support existing and future Millennium pilots, loadmasters, mechanics, and additional personnel.

If activated, the center will operate alongside Embraer’s existing C-390 training site in São Paulo, Brazil, where Millennium C-390 teams from the Brazilian, Hungarian, and Portuguese Air Forces are receiving their initial training.

The C-390 São Paulo currently offers a Full-Flight and Mission Simulator (FFMS) and a Loadmaster Training Station.

The C-390 Millennium tactical transport aircraft. Photo: Embraer
The C-390 Millennium tactical transport aircraft. Photo: Embraer

“We want to create the best conditions for our C-390 customers, by offering the best-in-class training,” a statement from the consortium said. “We continuously monitor the network and assess customized solutions per region as the fleet grows,”

“With the ongoing success of the C-390 throughout Europe, it is the right moment to start the evaluation and planning for a European C-390 training hub, providing comprehensive training facilities for aircrew and cargo operation training.”

Supporting European Air Forces

Embraer wrote in the announcement that it received an order to deliver the FFMS to the Portuguese Air Force as part of a 2019 contract for five C-390s. The upcoming platforms will be integrated at the Beja Air Base.

Meanwhile, the company is in talks to supply a local FFMS for the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

Last year, Embraer began negotiations to supply C-390s and corresponding aircrew training solutions for the Czech Armed Forces.

“With the evolving defense and security challenges facing NATO allies and partner nations, European Air Forces must train their pilots to stringent standards, to effectively counter emerging threats,” Embraer Defense & Security – European Sales VP José Gustavo stated.

“Our objective is to prepare C-390 pilots for diverse and complex scenarios. Creating conditions for rigorous and continuous training will enhance their tactical skills and decision-making capabilities, which are crucial for operating advanced aircraft and responding to dynamic threat environments.”

Alongside C-390 training support, Rheinmetall is engaged with California-based Anduril Industries to develop and offer a counter-drone solution for defense customers in Europe.

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