Rheinmetall Partners Austrian Firm to Develop Soldier Biomonitoring

Rheinmetall has teamed with Austria-based QUS Body Connected to develop a biometric data tracking tool for its Gladius 2.0 soldier system.

Gladius 2.0 offers a modular blend of improved firepower, mobility, protection, and seamless communication for dismounted and mechanized soldiers.

Integrated with the system, the tracking solution will inform commanders of the physical condition of individual soldiers or the entire unit, helping them make crucial battlefield tactical decisions.

Additionally, it will enable a calibrated training regime for soldiers, ensuring optimal fitness results.

“Together, we will develop a system that seamlessly integrates into Rheinmetall’s battlefield management system, creating additional value in this area,” QUS CEO & Founder Hannes Steiner said.

“Knowing and assessing the vital data of soldiers at any time is very important for performance.”

Biomonitoring Tool

The joint solution will combine available body sensors such as heart rate and respiratory rate with external sensors such as a thermometer.

For better integration with the modular soldier system, it will be based on textile sensors.

“Biomonitoring, as we know it from competitive sports, will also play an important role for soldiers in the future to optimize operational readiness,” Chief Digital Officer of Rheinmetall AG Timo Haas explained.

“For us as a system provider, QUS’s solution offers an additional component in our modular soldier system. And with a view to digitization, AI-supported data can make an important contribution to tactical decisions at higher command levels.”

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