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Rheinmetall, Anduril to Develop Anti-Drone Offering for Europe

Germany-based Rheinmetall and Anduril Industries have signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly design and manufacture a layered counter-unmanned aerial system (c-UAS) for European customers.

Announced at a defense and security expo in Paris, the agreement will integrate Rheinmetall’s Skymaster and Anduril’s Lattice command and control systems into the American company’s Sentry surveillance tower, Wisp sensors, and Anvil kinetic interceptor.

The Skymaster is built for centralized and decentralized battle management. It offers automated weapon assignment and engagement recommendations based on threat level as well as manual and automatic control with one console.

Meanwhile, the Lattice is open software that can be utilized as a sensor or network solution to feed data from multiple sources into a single command and control platform.

The technology’s “rapidly adaptable” functionality is currently used for the US Special Operations Command’s intelligence, force protection, and c-UAS missions and the US Customs and Border Patrol’s tracking and detection.

The partnership will provide additional capabilities to complete their offering, including open, modular, and scalable hardware alongside high-power guns.

“This cooperation will showcase the most innovative C-sUAS system – combining the strength of Rheinmetall military capabilities and the cutting edge development speed of Anduril,” Rheinmetall Air Defence CEO Oliver Dürr remarked.

“I am absolutely confident that this combination will address the future needs of our clients and that we shall bring the right solution at the right time on the market.”

‘One Step Ahead’

According to Anduril, the partnership with Rheinmetall will support the team’s objectives in providing a “systematic approach” comprising a wide sensor and effector mix for European users.

The resulting solution is planned to have diverse hard-kill, non-lethal, and active and passive detection applications, thereby increasing survivability and enabling strategic advantages for warfighters.

“The pace of warfare is accelerating at the speed of technology development,” Anduril Global Defence SVP Greg Kausner stated. “Global defence forces must face a rapidly evolving set of threats from both emerging unmanned systems and legacy manned platforms.”

“Air defence systems require a layered approach that is flexible, adaptable and rapidly deployable. Anduril’s partnership with Rheinmetall will bring an innovative, software-defined and hardware enabled C-sUAS system to our customers to ensure they stay one step ahead of the drone threat.”

In US Army Bradley Replacements

Rheinmetall and Anduril previously collaborated on a major program to replace the US Army’s M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle.

Similar to its European c-UAS offering, the consortium leveraged Anduril’s command and control solution to boost its Optionally-Manned Fighting Vehicle design for the program.

In 2023, the team was selected alongside General Dynamics to compete for the potential $45-billion program’s final phase.

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