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S. Korea to Create Offensive Cyber Strategy to Counter Threats

South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik said his country will draw up a proactive and offensive cybersecurity strategy to counter sophisticated threats in cyberspace.

Speaking at the 2023 White Hat Conference, he emphasized the need to ramp up cyberwarfare capabilities because cyberthreats to the military and the defense industry are “escalating.”

Without providing specifics, Shin said the government will tap industry partners and other institutions to develop related technologies to bolster the nation’s cyber defense.

The strategy will also reportedly include related policies and international cooperation frameworks to strengthen combat capabilities in the cyber domain.

Seoul already has a cybersecurity guidance agreement with the US to ensure smooth joint cyber military operations between the two nations.

‘Central to National Defense’

During the convention, Shin pointed out the importance of expanding cooperation with like-minded nations to protect sensitive defense data.

He also said bolstering cyber defense is “central to national defense.”

“North Korea is hacking weapons development programs and space-related technologies worldwide,” he claimed without elaborating.

“It has also leaked personal information for cyber espionage and stolen cryptocurrency to fund its nuclear and missile development.”

In August, South Korean authorities reported that suspected North Korean hackers targeted a major joint military exercise between the US and South Korea.

The group reportedly carried out continuous malicious email attacks on contractors working at a war simulation center.

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