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South Korea Plans $2.9B F-15K Capability Upgrades

The Republic of Korea Air Force is upgrading its F-15K Eagle fleet’s radar systems and long-range mission capabilities in a 3.9-trillion won ($2.9 billion) modernization project.

The F-15K Performance Improvement Project was announced by the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, which will facilitate the upgrades through foreign military sales.

Under the program, the F-15Ks will be fitted with improved quick and accurate target identification and strike capabilities, ensuring more stable operating conditions for the fleet.

Specifically, the jets will be fitted with the AN/APG-82 electronic scanning radar, BAE Systems’ AN/ALQ-250 Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System, and a new Large Area Display in the cockpit for improved situational awareness.

The program is expected to run from 2024 to 2034.

Maintaining the F-15K

With 59 currently in service, South Korea’s F-15Ks are a core part of the country’s air defense.

Aviation giant Boeing was selected as its contractor for long-term sustainment projects in 2017, and was renewed for another five years in 2022.

The country’s F-15Ks are flown by the air force to watch over key North Korean facilities that are within range, like the Punggye-ri nuclear site and the Sohae Launch facility.

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