Airbus Hacker Threatens to Sell US, Europe Military Intel on Dark Web

The hacker behind the recent attack on Airbus has warned that he will sell US and European military intelligence on the dark web.

Known by the moniker “USDoD,” the hacker said he recently managed to enter the company’s website by exploiting employee access from Turkish Airlines.

He also immediately posted the stolen data on a hacker forum.

In a lengthy interview with, USDoD revealed that his next targets would be American defense contractors, NATO, Europol, and Interpol.

He threatened to set up a private company for trading classified US and European military information.

‘Not Pro-Russian’

Despite cyberattacking Russia’s adversaries, USDoD claimed that he is not pro-Russian.

He added that he does not have racial biases or political motives, but admitted to working for some Russian individuals.

The hacker also denied receiving financial compensation for attacking US and European entities.

Some of the countries that he said he refrains from attacking are China, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Israel, and Iran.

US Cyber Investments

USDoD’s threats to sell US military intel comes as the Pentagon continues to work on making its military cyber-resilient.

Earlier this month, digital consulting company Raft LLC received a contract to develop a software factory for US Air Force Cyber Operations.

US Cyber Command also continues to strengthen its cyber deterrence by conducting training and drills, including the recent “defensive hunt operation” in Lithuania.

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