Omni Federal, Aquia Partner for US Defense’s Cloud-Based Access Security

Digital solutions firm Omni Federal has awarded Aquia Inc. a contract to support the US Department of Defense’s Platform One Cloud Native Access Point (CNAP).

The three-year effort will develop a cloud-based cybersecurity framework with zero-trust architecture, enabling seamless and dynamic digital collaboration across the Department of Defense.

CNAP provides an organization with simplified access to online services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud, used for hosting regulated workloads and other sensitive data related to compliance, authorization, and federal risks.

Platform One Cloud Native Access Point

The Platform One CNAP will permit users to access associated web platforms through service-based zero trust once employed.

Connections through the access point will not require additional cybersecurity measures, including Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network, Virtual Private Networks, and Defense Information Systems Agency’s Cloud Access Point.

Furthermore, the US military can further modify Platform One CNAP to meet future requirements aligning with Cybersecurity Executive Order 14028, as well as strategies of the Department of Defense and other federal agencies.

“We feel privileged to support Platform One’s CNAP team as they spearhead the transformation of cybersecurity practices within the US government,” Aquia Associate Security engineer Savannah Burke said.

“During my time at AWS, I provided guidance and technical insight on cloud best practices to enterprise customers, and I look forward to bringing that expertise to the United States Air Force.”

Other Cyberspace Projects

Omni Federal and Aquia are also working on similar initiatives for the US Department of Defense’s cyber space.

These projects include the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery of development tools and capabilities called “Party Bus,” and mission-critical applications deployments called “Big Bang.”

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