Pentagon, UKansas Open Training Institute for Future Military Cyber Experts

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has partnered with the University of Kansas in opening a new virtual institute to train the next generation of military cyber experts.

Dubbed the Virtual Institutes for Cyber and Electromagnetic Spectrum Research and Employ (VICEROY), the training center is part of a $1.5-million US DoD grant.

According to the university, VICEROY will focus on teaching how to effectively combat the growing threat of cyberattacks and protect the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS).

“We must manage and allocate scarce spectrum resources, detect and counter sophisticated signal jamming and interference, and maintain reliable and secure communication in contested environments,” lead researcher Fengjun Li said.

The University of Kansas will partner with researchers from Ohio State University and Purdue University Northwest to train future military cyber specialists.


Li explained that the complexity and diversity of modern electronic warfare systems present a daunting challenge in protecting networks from cyberattacks.

Artificial intelligence is also reportedly posing increasing threats to cybersecurity.

To address these threats, VICEROY will offer a curriculum that includes cybersecurity theories and practices, as well as hands-on and research-oriented training.

Trainees will also be taught strategic foreign language proficiency in Chinese to prepare for potential Chinese cyber attacks.

“Equipping the future generation of military and civilian leaders with essential skills in cyber and EMS security through experiential learning is becoming more crucial in our interconnected society,” Li said.

“Developing a pipeline of future cyber leaders is critical to these efforts and a key goal of this program.”

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