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BAE to Produce Over 70 Additional Bradley A4 Vehicles for US Army

BAE Systems has received a $190-million production contract from the US Army for over 70 Bradley A4 vehicles.

The contract includes M2A4 infantry fighting vehicles and M7A4 fire support team vehicles. 

The award modifies a previous $32-million contract awarded in November

The number of vehicles to be produced was not disclosed.

Upgrade on M2A2 

The latest award attempts to upgrade the platform, which has been in service with the US Army since the early 1980s.

The A4 is an upgrade on the M2A2 Operation Desert Storm – Situational Awareness variant, dozens of which have been sent to Ukraine.

“The Bradley is a crucial vehicle for the armored brigade combat teams today because it allows the army to transport troops to the fight while providing cover fire to suppress enemy vehicles and troops,” BAE’s director of ground vehicle production Dan Furber said.

A4 Features 

The A4 features enhanced mobility, survivability, and firepower.

Its more powerful engine enables “rapid movement in reaction to combat or other adverse situations,” BAE explained.

Moreover, the vehicle’s upgraded fire suppression and IED jammer components reduce its detectability and targeting by adversary systems.

For increased lethality, the vehicle is equipped with “full ballistic fire control hosted on a new central processing unit, aided dual-target tracking, automatic gun target adjustment, automatic bore sighting and hunter-killer capabilities.” 

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