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Hanwha to Equip Australian Huntsman Howitzers With Epsilor Batteries

Hanwha Defense Australia has awarded Israeli firm Epsilor a contract to supply NATO-standard Li-Ion vehicle batteries for its Huntsman self-propelled howitzers.

The agreement will see Epsilor deliver its COMBATT family of military vehicle batteries. The product line includes 6T Li-Ion and LiFePO4 variants.

Vehicles to receive the batteries are included in LAND 8116, an Australian government program to develop a new fleet of protected mobile fire systems for the armed forces.

“Epsilor is pleased to mark another strategic milestone in this cooperation with Hanwha Defense Australia, which not only equips modern combat vehicles with sufficient energy and high-power rates but also showcases Epsilor’s cutting-edge developments, extending its already well-known capabilities,” Epsilor President Ronen Badichi said.

“Epsilor’s 6T batteries were chosen to be integrated into this momentous project based on our proven technological and engineering capabilities as well as our industry leading battery capacity.”

Progress in Australia’s Huntsman Initiative

The Australian Army completed a live-fire test of the Huntsman howitzer in South Korea earlier this year.

In April 2022, Hanwha launched a construction project for its military vehicle facility in Australia to support the domestic production of the howitzer and other armored platforms.

The South Korean and Australian governments signed the $669-million initial contract to develop the Huntsman family of vehicles in December 2021.

The Australian Department of Defence expects to receive the first two AS9 and additional AS10 variants from Hanwha by 2025.

Construction for the majority of the fleet will begin in late 2024.

The South Korean K9 Thunder conducting test firing at a testing facility in South Korea.
The South Korean K9 Thunder conducting test firing at a testing facility in South Korea. Photo: Australian Department of Defence

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