US Army Orders 116 Additional Trailers From Oshkosh

The US Army has awarded Oshkosh Defense a $57-million contract to manufacture 116 additional Enhanced Heavy Equipment Transporter System (EHETS) trailers.

The agreement builds on an initial contract to produce 466 trailers for the army’s Tank-Automotive and Armament Command.

Work for the contract will be facilitated in partnership with Dutch container transport developer Broshuis BV.

Oshkosh’s EHETS

EHETS is designed to be pulled by Oshkosh’s proprietary Heavy Equipment Transport (HET) vehicles currently in service with the US Army.

HET has a 700-horsepower Caterpillar C18 engine and an Allison 4800SP transmission. Depending on user requirements, the vehicle is available in Global and HET A1 variants.

The combination of systems is specially-designed to permit users to transport heavy-tracked vehicles on European roadways.

U.S. Army Enhanced Heavy Equipment Transporter Systems line up for a convoy, in a staging area of the Army Prepositioned Stock-2 site, in Zutendaal, Belgium, Mar. 09, 2022. Army Prepositioned Stocks is a U.S. Department of the Army program in which equipment sets are stored around the globe for use when a combatant commander requires additional capabilities. The U.S. Army has seven APS regions and APS-2 is designated for Europe. APS sites reduce deployment timelines, improve deterrence capabilities, and provide additional combat power for contingency operations. (U.S. Army photo by Pierre-Etienne Courtejoie)
Enhanced Heavy Equipment Transporter Systems line up for a convoy in Zutendaal, Belgium. Photo: Pierre-Etienne Courtejoie/US Army

“The ongoing conflict in Ukraine demonstrates the critical need for having rigorous logistics systems capable of delivering equipment and cargo across any terrain worldwide,” Oshkosh Defense Chief Programs Officer Pat Williams stated.

“The EHETS trailer is a prime example of Oshkosh’s commitment to providing solutions that meet the demands of an evolving battlefield. Oshkosh and our partner Broshuis BV are honored to continue to provide this critical capability for the Soldier.”

Other Trailer Contract With US Army

In January, the US Army contracted Oshkosh to deliver over 50 trailers and 412 A2 medium tactical vehicles.

The A2 truck and tactical trailers were ordered to enhance force protection, provide greater payload capacity, and sustain superior off-road mobility across the service.

Oskhsosh signed the first contract for $476 million in 2018.

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